This mild, yet powerful formula makes keeping your pet's pearly whites a cinch. Reduces surface stains, reverses discoloration, and eliminates bad breath odor when used daily.

Improves appearance and reverses discoloration. Whitens teeth and eliminates bad breath odor when used daily. Dental Fresh Advanced Whitening formula noticeably reduces surface stains to reveal your pet’s naturally white smile. This mild, yet powerful formula makes keeping your Dental Fresh® with 7-Zyme™ Enzymatic Dental Gel contains our patented 7-Enzyme Proprietary Blend to effectively clean teeth while actively reducing germs in the mouth that cause bad breath. Gently whitens teeth and reduces plaque & inflammation.7-Zyme™ attacks the cell walls of mouth bacteria, depriving them of the oxygen and iron needed for survival and proliferation. Clinically proven to heal oral wounds.Saliva activates 7 enzymes to destroy bad breath causing germs & bacteria.Freshens breath.Reduces plaque & tartar.Whitens teeth over time.Protects gums and helps to prevent & treat gingivitis.Safely helps fight periodontal disease without adverse effects on mouth tissue.CLINICALLY PROVEN TO PREVENT & REDUCEBad BreathTartarPlaqueGingivitisPeriodontal DiseaseAlso, Whitens Teethpet’s pearly whites a cinch! Add it to your pet's daily oral health care regimen to reduce surface stains, reverse discoloration, and eliminate bad breath odor.

Fights plaque, tartar, gingivitis and periodontal disease.



  • Dental Fresh Advanced Whitening for Dogs is the “world’s first and only clinically proven toothbrush in a bottle.” Scientifically formulated to noticeably reduce surface stains and reverse discoloration to reveal pet’s naturally white smile. Safe and beneficial for every-day use for both dogs and cats, too!
  • Anti-microbial formula activates, releases and destroys bad breath causing germs & bacteria microorganisms when exposed to periodontal pathogens & acidic areas where plaque has formed.
  • Eliminates dental plaque-causing bacteria and volatile, malodorous sulfur compounds.
  • Whitens teeth over time with proper use.
  • Strengthens teeth by restoring enamel.
  • Protects gums and helps to prevent and/or treat gingivitis.
  • Instantly freshens breath & eliminates slime (bacteria) in the water bowl.

Dental Fresh Enzymatic Dental Gel 2.5oz

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