This gate is designed to be kept closed all the time (auto swing back function). Keep your kids and pet safe! No drill required. It is pressure mounted. 


Baby Gate Height 78cm. Gap between the gate is about 6-6.5cm.


Please ensure you measured and select the correct measurement range. You will be required to come down to do an exchange if your gate cannot fit. 💫Chat with us if your gate width is of other measurement or if you need clarification.


$40 - 74-85.9cm width gate

$50 - 86-97.9cm width gate

$60 - 98-109.9cm width gate

$70 - 110-121.9cm width gate

$80 - 122-133.9cm width gate

$90 - 134-145.9cm width gate

$100 - 146-157.9cm width gate

$110 - 158-169.9cm width gate

$120 - 170-181.9cm width gate

$130 - 182-194.9cm width gate

No Drill Pet Gate | Baby Gate