Nutrience Subzero Grain-Free wet food is a Canadian-made, delicate pâté of seasoned meat and fish with fresh harvest vegetables. A great meal substitute for dogs with certain food sensitivities, Nutrience Subzero Grain-free canned food is an excellent choice for dogs with a particularly active lifestyle. Nutrience canned dog food can be combined with kibble to increase palatability, help keep dogs hydrated, and easily introduce some variety to your dog's everyday diet. Nutrience Subzero Grain-Free dog food formulas are great for pet owners who simply prefer to feed their dog a grain free diet.



  • Grain-free wet food for dogs
  • Meat as the first ingredient
  • For dogs with food sensitivities, or dogs with an active lifestyle
  • Made in Canada

Nutrience GF SubZero Dog Fraser Valley Pate 170g

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