Wanpy Dog treats is a delicious treat with scrumptious flavour that dogs adore ranging from mouth watering biscuits to jerkies. All Wanpy treats are made with high quality ingredients – designed and built based on human consumption standards. These hearty treats are either oven-roasted or baked to perfection, they can be easily snapped to divide into smaller pieces for portioning. Healthy treats are a great addition to your dog’s daily diet, whether it be to treat them for a job well done or just to spoil them. You can make your dogs work for their treats by hiding them in their toys or throwing them on the back lawn in the grass. this not only entertains their mind but can help them get a little bit of exercise.



  • Promotes healthy chewing.
  • Reduces tartar build up.

Wanpy Oven-Roasted Duck Jerky 454g

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